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Live education by Brow Trainer Shoshana Yagudaev is an advanced learning concept , that step by step guides you mastering the art of microblading. Through the structured concept of this education, Shoshana Yagudaev is sharing all her experience and knowledge with you. The education is complex learning system containing a very detailed live training which is followed by unconditional online support. At the live education program you have the chance to gain a deep knowledge of theory and most importantly also work on a live model.

After the live training your education doesn’t stop as you continue learning online passing structured levels, in order to gain your certification. Multiple video materials and lectures will help you with the learning process and various levels will monitor your progress. During the education you have the opportunity to communicate with Brow Trainer, anytime and from any place, in order to constantly have the right guidance and advice while practicing this technique. After completing all the levels you will be honored with the prestige SCALPA Brow Microblading Certificate, and becoming a part of SCALPA Team, which will give you a big privilege in the industry.

Key benefits from our microblading live education are: professional microblading theory knowledge, guidance for practicing on skin simulation, skin theory, client consultation management, work on live model with Trainer’s support. You also get unlimited access to all SCALPA videos and materials. By becoming a part of this education you also receive full support and opportunities for further advanced training and development in SCALPA. Participating the live education you will also receive SCALPA Premium Starter Kit, which contains materials needed for professional microblading and is the most complete microblading kit containing all the possible tools and equipment used in this job, providing you all working material ready to treat up to 40 customers.

This education is covering various topics from both theory and practice, that will help you become successful in this field such as: how to create natural hairstrokes with microblading, equipment and workplace hygiene standards, client counseling, proper eyebrow adjustment in accordance with the golden ratio, creating the shape of the eyebrows, skin problems and how to solve them, pigment theory and choosing the right color. The lectures also contain many useful materials about post-microblading care and skin recovery process, which is extremely important for pigment retention and good healed results.

During this training you will learn how to adjust depth and precision for pigment application while microblading, how to handle with all microblading tools, colour durability and maintenance, factors which affect colour lasting, density and connection of the strokes, form and position of the strokes in order to create beautiful and long lasting eyebrows. The course also covers one very important topic when microblading is considered, and that is how to place yourself on the market, how to create a client base and recognize your ideal client profile, which is crucial for long-term success in this industry. After completing the course you will have professional knowledge about the microblading process and confidence to market yourself in front of the right client.

By joining the SCALPA Brow Training with Brow Trainer Shoshana Yagudaev, and considering a career in microblading you’ll be entering the world of professional beauticians – a stimulating and rewarding profession. As the microblading sector rapidly grows, the opportunities for career progression are higher than ever. Our mission is to ensure that our students become true microblading artists and this is why we put attention to every single detail in order to do so. Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in your skills and build a financial independence in the fastest growing industry today. Create the highest possible vision for your future, because you become what you believe.

Please, contact the Studio to apply for the dates of the courses that are suitable for you.

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Like any other skill, microblading takes the proper education, mentors and most importantly quality practice in order you to be able to achieve excellent results. That’s why we go above and beyond offering a very unique, high quality training program that provides our students the ongoing training and support they need.