Scalp Micropigmentation - Tricopigmentation - alternative for hair restoration

Micro hair pigmentation, also named Tricopigmentation, is a non-surgical treatment which uses the latest technology to create the effect of a full head of


Unlike classic tattoo, a proper ink is used during Tricopigmentation treatments. Touch ups every 3-5 years are required to maintain the effect.

Ideal treatment for those:

  • That are looking for that perfect shaven look

  • Too young for a hair transplant

  • That have a bad donor area, thus not allowing for hair restoration

  • Looking to increase the optical density of a hair restoration without a follow up hair transplantation

  • Looking for a fast result

  • Oppose surgical procedures

  • Oppose hair pieces

  • Suitable for men and women

Improved optical density for men and women

A Tricopigmentation ‘density’ treatment is ideal for those with first signs of thinning hairs and for those who are completely or partially bald..

By treating the skin we can take away or reduce the contrast between skin color and hair color, thus resulting in an optical illusion of more density.

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